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April 30, 2017

Sogol and Mike Teschler

I don't know where to start. Sepideh was absolutely very helpful. She was helping me from the very beginning to the very end. She always kept everything within my budget. She helped me to find a venue, photographer, flower style, venue decorations, makeup artist, wedding gown, hotel and basically everything.
She is very into DIY style which is very helpful specially with limited budget. For example, she did all the signs and decoration for my reception with very low cost (she has a very good hand writing so I didn't need to print any signs).
One of her biggest strength is that she is very quick with responding and taking care of everything that's needed. She always got back to me within 30 minutes.

I was too stressed out about the whole wedding planning but she made the experience relaxing and enjoyable for me since I knew there is someone experienced by my side who has gone through the same path recently.
She is very fun to work with and she was always friendly.
So, I highly recommend her service


May 28, 2017

Kira and Greg Vander Zanden

I absolutely would recommend Sepideh. She was invaluable in helping the day go smoothly, both beforehand and during. The day of, she helped ensure all the little details were covered, even things I'd forgotten about. She showed up with safety pins and a sewing kit, unasked. It was a lifesaver when my mom's top popped open, so we were quickly able to fix it. Also, she made sure I and the bridal party we're feed in those long hours of hair and makeup, running out and picking up lunch, and even surprising me with fun sized Snickers bars, which she'd remembered me mentioning as my go to emergency fuel. She taught my bridesmaids how to do my bustle... She also ensured that the flow of people sneaking into the bridal suite was stemmed, acting as my bouncer of sorts, haha, to ensure I got to see special family members and making sure nobody who wasn't supposed to come in snuck in. All with class and professionalism.

During pictures, she was a star at wrangling all the necessary people for each set of pictures, as well as keeping the flower girls from melting down or running off. She also ensured I got at least some food in me between pictures, and that my dress was how it was supposed to be for the photographer. This just lists a FEW of the tasks she did to keep everything running smoothly... We were at the cake when we needed to be, everyone was there for the introductions and speeches, all our personal items were set up at the beginning and safely packed up at the end. I honestly don't know what I'd have done without her there! I had dozens of family members ask who she was afterward, because they all wanted to thank het for some little task they had noticed her unobtrusively doing that made things go more smoothly for themselves as well. She's a master at professionalism and at making everyone around her more relaxed.

I am very happy to recommend her, 

-Kira Havens

June 23, 2018

Sara and Frank Panicola

First off, I should mention that I live in Chicago, and I'm having my wedding in Chicago; this means that Sepideh is supporting my wedding planning process from afar and I'm happy to share that the distance hasn't had any impact on the quality of her support--she's so responsive that it feels like in the same city as me! You'll find that she's incredibly intuitive, versatile, and has a knack for seeing how all the little details will come together on your big day! It's so nice to be working with someone who offers a wide range of services throughout the engagement and wedding process. I've been able to go to her for end-to-end wedding planning, pre-wedding event support, and consultations. In moments where I've needed guidance on how to do my wedding party "proposals" ("will you be my...?"), engagement photo shoots, vendor suggestions, you name it--she's been a wealth of knowledge and a huge time saver! I highly highly recommend using Sepideh for any wedding related support!


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